Welcome to the course and grade data section of the Institutional Research website!  Here you will find aggregated data, generally in 10-year trends, including student credit hours, weighted student credit hours (WSCH), WSCH and faculty ratio, class section counts and sizes, and a link to grade data and average QCA by course and instructor.

Number and Average Size of Class Sections, by Offering College/Department


All Virginia Tech

        College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

        College of Architecture and Urban Studies

        Pamplin College of Business

        College of Engineering


        College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

        College of Natural Resources and Environment

        College of Science

        College of Veterinary Medicine


Course Enrollment by Major, Term: Three-Year Trend (Fall/Spring)

    - interactive report generator

Distribution of Fall Class Sizes

Distribution of Grades, Average QCA by Course and Instructor

*This link now redirects to the new Strategic Analysis (SA) Grade Distribution tool that is part of the Open Access data hosted in the University DataCommons.

Please note that only those with a Virginia Tech (VT) Personal Identification (PID) used to receive campuswide mail will be able to access Grade Distributions. If the grade report information you seek is not available through the link above or you have questions, please contact us (aiesupport@vt.edu).